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Britain: parliament shut down – now let's build for an election

onsdag 11 september 2019

Parliament has now been shut down for five weeks by an unelected Prime Minister and a hereditary monarch. This scandalous state of affairs is perfectly legal under the constitution. This is what British parliamentary ‘democracy’ looks like.

Portugal: housing crisis spreading beyond city centres

tisdag 10 september 2019

The Times recently published a survey of 885 property investors, undertaken by PwC and the Urban Land Institute, which placed Lisbon as the number one European hotspot for investment in 2019. The city had jumped up from eleventh place in the same survey the previous year.

The real fire devouring the Amazon, Chiquitanía and Gran Chaco is capitalism

tisdag 10 september 2019

“Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value.” – Karl Marx (1843)

From space, in various satellite images, you can see columns of smoke and suspended particles ascending above the most extensive and biologically diverse tropical forest in the world: the Amazon.

Zimbabwe: the death of Mugabe and the hypocrisy of the West

måndag 9 september 2019

Since the death of Robert Mugabe last Friday, Western media outlets have been falling over themselves to show their distaste for the former dictator. What is not reported is that, for most of his 37-year rule, Mugabe was the darling of the West. As long as he was faithfully implementing the policies of Western imperialism, they propped up his regime and turned a blind eye to his atrocities. But that is all forgotten today, and Mugabe is portrayed as having mercilessly persecuted his opponents and ruined his country single-handedly.

Marxism vs Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

fredag 6 september 2019

MMT has created a buzz on the left recently, with its supporters citing it as an answer to all our economic woes. Instead of trendy new ideas, however, we need the clear, scientific analysis of capitalism that Marxism provides – Adam Booth writes.

Introduction to new Swedish edition of ‘What is Marxism?’

torsdag 5 september 2019

We are proud to announce the publication of the Swedish edition of What is Marxism?, a bestseller by Alan Woods and Rob Sewell, available here! The book, which is produced by the publishing house of the Swedish Marxists, Bokförlaget Stormklockan, is coming at a time where Swedish society is entering a period of turmoil.

Russia: IMT leads fightback against clergy and construction mafia in Moscow

torsdag 5 september 2019

“This land is your land, this city is your city! And no one has the right to decide its future, but you – the working people of Moscow!” This appeal from a Russian IMT activist was greeted with an explosion of applause at a recent rally in the Zyuzino district of Moscow.

Hong Kong: extradition bill withdrawn – class struggle must continue!

onsdag 4 september 2019

The mass movement in Hong Kong has just won its key demand – the withdrawal of the hated extradition bill that would allow anyone the Beijing government suspects of criminality to be extradited to the mainland. But none of the other four demands, such as for an independent investigation into police brutality, have been won.

Britain heads for a general election: mobilise for a Corbyn victory!

onsdag 4 september 2019

His government is just two days old, but Boris Johnson has already managed to lose his majority and rack up two defeats in the House of Commons. No government in history has faced such an immediate losing streak. This demonstrates how weak the Tory leader and his regime are.

Brazil: death and destruction in Bolsonaro’s Amazon

tisdag 3 september 2019

We are publishing the following statement by Esquerda Marxista, the IMT in Brazil, about President Bolsonaro's destructive policies towards the Amazon Rainforest, which have caused widespread devastation and wreaked havoc on the lives on indigenous peoples and poor peasantry. Originally released in Portuguese on 20 August 2019

USA: climate struggle is class struggle

tisdag 3 september 2019

Editorial for Issue 17 of Socialist Revolution magazine, originally published here on 31 August. The climate is already in revolt. Now it’s up to the workers and youth of the world to rise up to bring down the entire system.

IMT statement: for revolutionary change, not climate change!

måndag 2 september 2019

The international climate strike movement has created waves across the world. Over the past year, during the course of several global days of action, millions of young people from over 100 countries have walked out of school in order to join the ‘Fridays for Future’ protests, demanding immediate action against the climate crisis.

Brazil: nature, its destruction, and capitalism

måndag 2 september 2019

The fires in the Amazon and central-west regions of Brazil were felt in São Paulo. The sky darkened at 3pm and many people did not understand why. Then the news came, explaining that, besides the cold front, this was caused by the ground-clearing fires used in “slash-and-burn” agriculture. And then, a general commotion was stirred up on social media, in the newspapers, and across the international media. The environmental problem, which did not seem to be a major focus of public indignation, become a new point of expression for widespread dissatisfaction and government crisis. This issue fed the anger and resentment against the Bolsonaro government, which responded with nothing but dismissive sarcasm.

Britain: “a constitutional outrage” – kick out this unelected gang!

fredag 30 augusti 2019

Britain is in the midst of a profound crisis, not seen in modern times. Everywhere is in uproar. This is the view not of some left-wing newspaper, but the official view of the British ruling class.

Canada: rising movement for Ontario student strike

fredag 30 augusti 2019

This month, students in Ontario, Canada return to school in an incredibly desperate situation, thanks to Premier Doug Ford.

Britain: Boris’ Brexit bombshell leaves Westminster in disarray as parliament is prorogued

onsdag 28 augusti 2019

Not since Oliver Cromwell’s dismissal of the Rump Parliament – with the words “In the name of God, go!” – has Britain been plunged into such a deep national and constitutional crisis.

They’re not wildfires: it’s “Bolivian-style” capitalism

onsdag 28 augusti 2019

The Chiquitania region of Bolivia has been on fire since early August. The wildfires started on 2 August both west and east from San José de Chiquitos in woodland areas and dry woods, reaching Roboré later on. Prime Minister Quintana accused the right-wing of provoking the fires for political and electoral purposes. Until he can prove this, we’ll have to take his statement as an assumption that the wildfires did not spread from Brazil, as the government initially claimed. Rather, the cause of this disaster is to be found inside Bolivia’s borders.

Britain: reject class collaboration! Fight for socialism!

måndag 26 augusti 2019

There is a lot of chatter these days about cross-party and cross-class alliances. The possibility of a no-deal Brexit has certainly set the tongues wagging, especially amongst middle-class radicals like journalist Paul Mason.

Britain: Corbyn's unity government gambit – victory must come from below

måndag 26 augusti 2019

With the Brexit countdown ticking, establishment pundits and politicians have been clamouring for ‘moderates’ on all sides of the Commons to put aside their differences and form a government of ‘national unity’ to halt Boris Johnson’s no-deal trainwreck.

Argentina: the irreversible crisis of Macrismo – what is the role of the left?

fredag 23 augusti 2019

The political life cycle of Macri’s government seems to be over. It only remains to be seen how it will all end.